Start, Transfer or Join a Golf League

Pine Ridge offers afternoon Weekday Golf League Play

Our Golf League Play window starts at 3PM Monday thru Friday and is six months long, beginning in April through the end of September. Some leagues start as early as April while others may not start until June. It’s not too late to inquire about joining or starting a league. Leagues sometimes need replacements or will accept new members during the season.

If you would like to join an existing league, please contact our ProShop by phone or email and we will see if there are any openings or substitutes needed for existing league play at Pine Ridge. The vast majority of league placements occur in between February and early May. There may still be available spots, please contact the Pro Shop to join an existing league as a regular. Our leagues play Monday through Friday and start as early as 3:00pm and as late as 5:30pm.

If you would like to start a league, please contact Danielle at (508) 892-9188 for more information. To start a league, you must have at least twelve players. Tee times are at 8 minute intervals.

Join Our Thursday 9-Hole Golf League

9 hole golf league at Pine Ridge Country Club

Our NEW online based 9-HOLE SOCIAL GOLF LEAGUE  for Thursday Nights is called the Spark League!


Spark is a 9-hole, social golf league organized to be casual and fun, with a touch of friendly competition. Joining the league is free! League rounds are available for purchase each week or you can save money by pre-paying for Spark credit at a discount.


Join with a partner, have Spark partner you up with another single or play without a partner. Play as your schedule allows, earning points based on how you finish each round throughout the season. Your best 10 rounds count towards the season standings. Most of all, have fun!



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